Photo contest 2013: Results

This year in the photocontest THE BEST SPELEO PHOTO 2013 there were 29 photographers from Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, USA, Brasil and South Afric...
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Author: Laura on 16-02-14 20:07:14
Photo contest 2013: Start voting!

The second stage of the photo contest The Speleo Photo of the Year 2013 organized by the caving club Aenigma has begun. You can already see the photos sent by the participants, comment them and vote for the ...
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Author: Laura on 08-01-14 22:13:08
Project Towards the Center of The Earth

Welcome to the site of the Lithuanian caving club Aenigma!

Can Columbus be born today when there are so few undiscovered places left on the Earth?

Yes! And you may become the one!!!

If you enjoy challenges and dream of exploring the unknown, the unrevealed underground world, undiscovered forms of life or even an underground Everest awaits for you.

So, what is that speleology after all?
Speleology (syn. Caving) is a science that explores, describes and studies caves and related phenomena. It is also sometimes called the underground geography. But speleology is not only a science - it involves extreme sports, tourism, creative work (an underground photography and cinematography), inventions (the development of caving technique and technology).

What is a cave?
It is a natural cavity in rock, large enough to be entered by people. It is dark, cold, tough, beautiful, scary, interesting, wet and muddy...:)

What is a caver?
A caver is a person who enters into a cave voluntarily.

What are the types of cavers?

  • Cave tourists are those who enter the caves only occasionally and make little effort for that. Typical cave tourist would be a plump guy walking around in a set up and illuminated cave with a hamburger in one hand and a digital camera in the other;

  • Cavers are people to whom caving is a hobby demanding knowledge and constant preliminary preparation;

  • Troglodytes (in Greek troglodytes - human cave dwellers) are mutated cavers who cannot live without caves anymore.

Why do cavers behave like that?
There are many answers but only cavers know them...

If you want to become one of us, you've come to the right place. Write to info[eta]

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