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Photo contest 2013: Results

This year in the photocontest THE BEST SPELEO PHOTO 2013 there were 29 photographers from Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, USA, Brasil and South Afric...

Author: Laura 2014-02-16, 20:07:14
Photo contest 2013: Start voting!

The second stage of the photo contest The Speleo Photo of the Year 2013 organized by the caving club Aenigma has begun. You can already see the photos sent by the participants, comment them and vote for the ...

Author: Laura 2014-01-08, 22:13:08
Photo contest 2013: Show us what you can!

Merry Christmas to everyone! We are encouraging you to participate in the photo contest THE SPELEO PHOTO OF THE YEAR 2013. And since it's almost Christmas we are prolonging the deadline for sending the photos. You may send up to 5 ...

Author: Laura 2013-12-22, 22:49:09
Photo contest 2013: Let's begin

It is the 8th time when the caving club Aenigma is organizing the photo contest THE SPELEO PHOTO OF THE YEAR 2013 to choose the year's best photo on the caving theme. Everyone who has been in the cave and had taken any beautiful or intere...

Author: Laura 2013-11-30, 20:04:09
Photo contest 2012: The Results

This year in the photo contest  The Speleo Photo of The Year 2012 there were 35 photographers from Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Brazil, USA, Swaziland, Indonezia, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia ...

Author: Laura 2013-02-18, 09:17:45

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