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The second stage of the photo contest The Speleo Photo of the Year 2012 organized by the caving club Aenigma has begun. You can already see the photos sent by the participants, comment them and vote for the ones you like. This year we are full as never - 35 participants from 16 different countries have sent 267 photos!

The photos are displayed on our internet photo album

Voting for the photos will take place until February 07, 2013. Voting by internet is anonymous. 

How to vote? Just mark from one to five stars visible under the photo and click on the mouse. Only the total count of the votes will matter in the evaluation of the photo without the reference to the number of the stars given.

Interesting facts:

  • The country with the largest number of participants traditionally is Russia - 10 participants from Ufa, Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg, Rostov-Na-Donu, Samara, Novosibirsk, Koroliov and Gelenjik have sent 80 photos.
  • The second largest participant is Ukraine. 49 photos were submitted by 6 participants from Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kiev and Poltava.
  • 3 participants from Spain have submitted 28 photos and 2 from Lithuania - 30 photos.
  • We also have several participants from far far away: Brasil, USA, Swaziland, Indoesia. 
  • The rest of the photos were sent from various countries of Europe: Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Rumunia, UK and Germany.


  • The exhibition of the photos on our internet photo album, evaluation and voting will take place from January 08, 2013 to February 07, 2013. Voting will be anonymous.
  • Important: Photos will be displayed grouped by categories, but they will be evaluated in common context, without reference to the categories. Recommended categories for the exhibition: the man and the cave, the portrait of the caver, expedition reportage, the underground landscape, „non-format“
  • Photos will be evaluated by the jury of 5 professional photographers and cavers. The results of the internet voting will have additional weight in the evaluation. The winners will be announced and awarded not later than February 17, 2013. 


The third place winner will get a special brand T-shirt and a prize established by the caving club Aenigma - an ascender ASCENSION by Petzl.

The second place winner will get a special brand T-shirt and a prize established by the caving club Aenigma - a descender STOP by Petzl.

The first place winner will get a special brand T-shirt and a prize established by the caving club Aenigma  - a descender STOP by Petzl.

The sponsor and the organizer of the contest:


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