Yesterday: A. Gudaitis, G. Švedas, S. Pankienė, V. Vilkas successfully descended to the cave bottom. Collected data from waterloggers, but the diving didn’t happen. Currently  they’re going up. Everybody feels good.

One day there was no link with the cave camps. Rebounded on Saturday only. It was a flood in the cave tonight. Despite the team goes slowly up.

Today: Team is coming back to the base camp. Yesterday evening Laura and Jurga came back from the cave. Today, the Spanish came and hopefully irish will come this night. The French and Serb went to-700m.for the bags and returned. Aidas,  Saulė, Gintas and Vytis tonight reached the camp-700m. And tomorrow evening they’ll come all the way up. Neighbours Russian camp today has a farewell party. Tomorrow they’re going home.

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