News from the club's birthday

On 11 February in Marcinkonys  the caving club Aenigma has celebrated its 6th birthday. During this event we held a meeting of club members and accepted to the club 5 new members:

Audronė Rukšaitė
Mantas Kulikauskas
Aušvyda Kligytė
Pavel Starkevič
Urtė Starkevič

Congratulations to them on joining the Aenigma!

Also 3 members were excluded from club:
Romas Valaitis
Raimondas Daniūnas
Daiva Letukaitė

Sadly they are no longer the members of Aenigma.

We elected a new Council. It is almost the same as previous: Laura Tamoševičė, Aidas Gudaitis, Saulė Vaš, Artūras Artiušenka and a new member of the Council is Jolanta Pažūsytė.

Most important - the Council elected Aidas Gudaitis as the new President of the club.

We have also elected our traditional nominations: Jolanta Pažūsytė became the Mole of the Year 2011 and Audronė Rukšaitė became the Novice of the Year 2011.

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