Two days ago Spanish changed 150 meters of rope in -500. Petzl headtorches works very good. The problem on the surface with the fuel which burn out of almost 10 liters. They'll try to get fuel in Tsandripsh. It was a strong wind during the whole night, but tents survived perfectly.

Yesterday the team (Aidas, Gintas, Saule, Vytis, Nial) went for 11 days in a cave. The plan was to come down to -1200, because -700 camp is settled by the Russian club. Tomorrow, to the same depth comes Spanish and Irish. The French will run to -1200 and will come straight back, because they do not like to sleep in the cave. Thus, the action began.

Today, the team goes according to plan. Tonight was spent in -1200 and will go on to -1600. Today the base camp left and all the other guys except Serbian Ivan. The Irish and the Spanish today went to -1200 and tomorrow will move further. The French "monsters" will run to -1400 and will come back . Weather is still very good, just   thunders a bit away from camp, but still we didn't experience any rain. Hopefully, today it will stay as good as it was. The fuel on base camp ended, but Laura and Jurga are genius, here they organized some fuel . Still waiting for the evening news from the cave.

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