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New Lithuanian deepest descent record

A new deepest descent record is reached: congratulations to Aidas Gudaitis and Gintautas Švedas who successfully descended to the depth of 1810 m in the deepest cave in the world Voronya!

Congratulations to the cavers, friends,...

Author: Laura 2008-09-06, 00:01:58
Lithuanians in the deepest world cave

A group of 3 members of Aenigma has left to Abkhazia to the deepest cave in the world – the Krubera-Voronya cave. The team of Aidas Gudaitis , Gintautas Švedas and Jurgita Peko...

Author: Laura 2008-09-05, 23:46:37
Discoveries in Spain again

On August 2-11 the international and already traditional speleo camp Aranoñera 2008 took place in Spain, the Pyrenees Mountains. During this camp the Lithuanian team discovered and did topography of about 400 m of new passages in the cave S7.

The participants of this year camp:

Author: Laura 2008-09-05, 23:29:46
Convention of all-time Lithuanian cavers

Attention! Such an event in Lithuania was never held in Lithuania yet – it is a convention of Lithuanian cavers of all times! All present and former Lithuanian cavers are invited. It is a unique chance to see all the Lithuanian speleology in one.

The location of the convention: More...

Author: Laura 2008-09-05, 22:55:38
Upcoming expeditions

Since it is so quiet in the Lithuanian speleo world recently, it may seem that we do nothing... :) It's not true - at this moment we are busy with preparation for even several expeditions:

On August 2 - 11 four Lithuanians are planning to join the international caving camp in Spain aga...

Author: Laura 2008-07-16, 00:28:22

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