Expedition Towards the Center of the Earth 2010 begins

The first participants are about to leave to the expedition Towards the Center of the Earth to the deepest cave
of the world Krubera-Voronya organized by Lithuanian caving club Aenigma. The preparation and packing
of a huge amount of the equipment and food is finally over. The team consisting of 17 members from 5
European countries (Lithuania, Ireland, Spain, France and Serbia) will meet in Adler, Russia on August
5th, 2010. Up in the mountains of the west Caucasus the deepest cave of the world is waiting for them.

One of the most interesting tasks of this expedition is to install new water level logging equipment in the
cave and to take the data of the previously installed loggers. A set of loggers measuring the water level and
pressure fluctuations inside the cave have been installed during previous expeditions in 2008 and 2009.
This year they will be complemented by a rain logger at the entrance of the cave thus enabling to examine
the dependency between the rainfall and the water level in the cave. The cave Krubera-Voronya this year is
becoming a true state-of-the-art laboratory.

Also one group of the team will try to descend to the sump S-5 “Two captains” (-45m deep) on the bottom
of the cave (at the depth of 2140 m) and try to explore unknown passage of the cave. The other team will be
exploring further the Spanish branch at the depth of 1340 m.

The news of the expedition will be announced on the official expedition‘s site www.gilyn.lt and on the site
of the Lithuanian cavers www.speleo.lt.

This expedition is supported by European Speleological Federation (FSE) as one of the EuroSpeleo projects and is sponsored by:
Sati (service), Gandrs (equipment), Petzl (speleological equipment), Optimus (Nova stoves), Beal (rope), Aventure Verticale (transport bags), Scurion (caving light), Vilnius Heart Surgery Center (medicine), Canon (photo camera), Expedition.lt (equipment), Waterra (loggers), Speleological Union of Ireland (financial support), Duracell (batteries).

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