A cave diver from Moscow caving club Skoliniki-RUDN died in the cave of Ilyukhinskaya (Abkhazia)

Yesterday, on August 20, there was an accident in the expedition of our fellow club Sokolniki-RUDN from Moscow - in the cave Ilyukhinskaya (Abkhazia) on his way back from the explorations beyond the 4th siphon a cave diver Aleksey Savelyev drowned in the 2nd siphon. His partner Aleksey Aksenov, a very experienced cave diver who has also dived in Lithuanian caves Karves ola and Zalsvasis saltinis, tried to reanimate him for several hours but in vain. The body at this moment is beyon the first siphon. After gathering all the information a rescue operation will be held.

We present our sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of Aleksey Savelyev.

You can track the informational thread in the archive of conference (in Russian): http://cml.happy.kiev.ua/cgi-bin/cml.cgi?num=13623

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