Yesterday: Weather is still good.  Expedition plans changes every half hour. There's also missunderstandings related with underground camps. By yeasterday plans all the team had to sleep -1400, and -1800 to go today, with the exception of two Irish teamers. Today we're still unable to establish communication between underground camps, the final versions are not known. Today Laura and Jurga planned to go to the -700 , but again it is unclear what they will do, because underground camp will be full this night. Will they go straight to -1200m. or postpone it till next day decission still unknown. Jolanta today goes to "Sokolniki" club where they'll train are newcomers.

Today, Lithuanians dive siphon "Kvitochka" (-1950m), Spaniards and Irish goes to "Game Over" ( -2080m. ). Wish them success.

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