Vidmantas Balkūnas


Name: Vidmantas Balkūnas

Location: Varėna

Caving club: Aenigma

Contacts: vidmantas[eta]

Main expeditions and caves:

2005 May - Alek, northwest Caucasus, Russia, leader A. Aksionov. Caves: Shkolnaya, Gigantov. Educational expedition, held together with Russian caving club „Sokolniki-RUDN"
2005 September - Aladaglar, the Taurus mountains, Turkey, leader R. Daniūnas. Purpose of expedition - search for new caves.
2005 October - Karabi-Yayla, Crimea, Ukraine, leader R. Daniūnas. Purpose of expedition - research and ecology.
2006 January - Ternopol, west Ukraine, leader A. Gudaitis/A. Aksionov. Caves: Mlynki, Ugrinskaya.
2006 July - the Tatra Mountains, Poland. Cave: Wielka Sniezhna (-300 m).
2006 August - Arabika Massif, west Caucasus, Abkhazia, leader A. Yefremov. Caves: Iljukhinskaya, Nadezhda, Belaya Loshad', Kolodets Nevskogo, Moskva, Parovoz.
2007 spring - Karabi-Yayla, Crimea, Ukraine, leader A. Gudaitis. Cave: Soldatskaya (-460).
2007 August - the Pyrenees, Spain. The Arañonera cave system. International caving camp. Exploration: new cave found, more than 100 m of new galeries found in S7.
2008 March - Nothern Ireland, leader Stephen Macnamara. Caves: Shannon, Marble Arch and others.
2008 August - the Pyrenees, Spain. The Arañonera cave system. International caving camp. Caves: Arañonera, Ula, S-33, S-7. Exploration: explored about 400 m of new passages in S-7.
2008 December/2009 January - Aggtelek district, the Carpatian Mountains, Hungary, leader Marton Kucsera. Caves: Beke, Kossuth, Baradla, Meteor, Baglyok Szahadeka, Szabadsag.
2009 January/February - Bzyb' massif, west Caucasus, Abkhazia, leader Evgeniy Snetkov. Expedition of cave divers in the cave of Mchishta. Dived through the cave entrance's siphon Vhodnoy (-45 m, 250m).
2009 August - cave system of Arañonera, the Pyrenees, Spain, leader Jordi Borras. Leader of the Lithuanian team in S7 - I. Gudaitienė. Cave: S7. Cave exploration, passed and accomplished topography of about 900 m of new part in S7 (-540 m).

Deepest descent: Iljukhinskaya (-980 m).

Deepest cave diving: the entrance siphon of Mchishta (-45/250 m).

Area of interest in speleology: photography, cave diving.

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